• Waycs Consulting provides a balance view on issues, challenges and solutions to management of private higher education institutions. Waycs Consulting is resourceful with its wide networks and bring values to organisations.

    - Dr. Teh Choon Jin SMP
    Director of APIIT Education Group, Malaysia
    Registrar of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
  • I have known and worked with Dato’ Dr. Wayne Huang for years and have always found him dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual. It is easy to replace an expert but replacing a professional and trustworthy consultant who knows the market very well and understand your business strategies is hard which makes him an excellent consultant.

    - Dr. Adlan Parsa
    CEO of Sabi Technology Enhanced Learning Inc. (SABITEL), Canada
  • Waycs Consulting brings an exciting dimension to private higher education where its strategic and innovative advice and solutions will unlock the potential of any private higher education institutions.

    - Gilbert Alvin Adaikalam PJK
    Director, International Collaborations of Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia
  • Waycs Consulting draws on endless wealth of experience in private higher education management to counsel on best practices in strategic planning for smart partnerships with leading organisations. This collective know-how and mastery has helped to position PHEI leaders to champion their institutions today and mentor them to be self-empowered to address the challenges of tomorrow.

    - Professor Dato' Dr Asbi Ali DSDK
    Vice-President, Research & Global Programme of Management and Science University, Malaysia