Expert Panels

Waycs Consulting has built a strong network of expert panels comprises members of the faculty at a college or university (deans, professors, associate professors, adjunct professors, academic director, and registrar). Expert panels are used when specialised input, opinion, and advice is required for an academic matters. Generally, experts are engaged based on their expertise in their HE industry to discuss various courses of action and make recommendations.

  • Dr. Teh Choon Jin SMP
    PhD in HRM, University of Malaya
    Master in Management, Open Universiti Malaysia
    Bachelor of Commerce, University of Tasmania (Australia)

    Director of APIIT Education Group, Malaysia
    Registrar of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
  • Prof. Dr. El. Namaki SMP
    PhD, Free University of Brussels (Belgium)
    MA, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands)

    Former Dean of Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands
  • Gilbert Alvin Adaikalam PJK
    MBA, University of Lincoln (UK)
    Adv. Dip. Bus., ABE (UK)

    Director, International Collaborations of Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia
  • Benedict Foo PJK
    Graduate Certificate in Engineering, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
    Bachelor of Engineering, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
    Bachelor of Engineering Technology, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

    Incountry Representative of University of Southern Queensland, Australia